Free Email Course: 5 Weeks to a Healthier Pup

Licensed, practicing veterinarian Dr. Jamie Whittenburg has put together a 5 week course designed to ensure that your puppy (and eventually, your dog) will have the best chance possible to grow to be a happy, healthy, well trained best friend.

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    Vaccines & Pet Insurance

    Dr. Whittenburg offers helpful, actionable tips to help you navigate the most complicated puppy health topics like vaccines and pet health insurance. Save time, money & make the right decision for your pup.

    Puppy Nutrition

    Find out the right questions to ask and factors to keep in mind in choosing the best dog food for your pooch.

    Training & Behavior

    Learn some of the most common issues Dr. Whittenburg sees with puppies in her own practice, and how you can better train your dog to help them learn how to behave (this piece may just save your sanity AND your furniture).